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 The New Voice CHat... GSC

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PostSubject: The New Voice CHat... GSC   Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:40 am

Okay Laddies and Gents...
There is a new voice chat we have. It is just as simple as Vent but a lot more user friendly. It is called GSC...

Here is how to get it and get in...

1.) Go to: getgsc.com

2.) Download GSC (its free)

3.) Install on your computer

4.) Open GSC

5.) On the log in screen there is a spot to get a user profile. It is under the login area. Go and get a user name and pass.

6.) Verify your acct with GSC through your email

7.) Log into GSC

8.) Now your in. There are a few screens that will pop up on logging in. There is one that has a bunch of options on it and one of those options is "Find Voice Server." Click on it

9.) This will bring a new page out and type in the search criteria "Tainted of JD" and then click search

10.) This will bring up the server and then double click on it

Guess what? YOUR IN and ready to talk and chat. Make sure one of the admins register you on the server or you will only be able to talk in the main lobby. This is a setting to protect myself and the rest of us from intruders of both other games and even JD.

I own the server this GSC runs on. All i ask is keep it friendly. Honestly, irishsaint will have final word on a lot of things in the server but ultimately I have the final word also. So just be considerate and friendly to all others in there, AND ABOVE ALL ELSE "OBEY THE GOLDEN RULE!!!"

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The New Voice CHat... GSC
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