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 Finsh Apprenticeship Quest

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PostSubject: Finsh Apprenticeship Quest   Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:40 pm

This is because LightAlex's has done it! This a LV 90+ Quest so you know!

You have to take the Quest from Tao Danush who is in Sunstrem!

You have to meet Anan, then go see Baye, and last but not lees meet Enu they are all in Jadeon.

He will tell you to kill Gillhook Grandlord and you have to do it Solo. He is in Doom Bog.

After you kill him you have to go back and see Tao Danush to finsh the Quest!

When get a letter to use at the Stashkeep Tamsin!

When done you get a full set of gear!

P.S. You will no long have a master after doing this Quest! Sad

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Finsh Apprenticeship Quest
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