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 How to fish

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PostSubject: How to fish   Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:56 am

Ok i am asked alot how to go fishing so this is a guide to it. First you can get fishing bait at any level. from Ami located in Sunstream right where the pinkish arrow is pointing.

Its only certain times you can get the bait for him and they will announce it 10 min before you can get bait. Or you can go to Ami and click fishing times and he will tell you when he gives out bait. Once you get the bait Open your bag and put your cursor over the Bait and it will tell you to go to one of 4 places either Lotis pond (The pond your next to with the roaming fisherman) the pole there is located at the top of the pond, Serenity clearing is another place you can be asked to go run out there and the pole is on the back of the lake on the right hand side, They have a Bridge south of sunstream where you will find the fishign rod on the left of it, The last place is fountains head hollows its also when your running up to it on the left hand side. Each time you get biat you fish and at each location you can fish up almost any thing, Many are trying to fish up a certificate used for the fishing contests once your level 45+ but when ever fishing keep your bag closed or you may glitch and be unable to fish. If you are lvel 45+ and want to enter the fishing contest make sure you have a fishing certificate in your inventory and then you talk to the roaming fisherman, who is next to ami at the server time 18:00. Then you will get Dragonbane, and have to got to the Billows. Then you run out to the small island thats a little distance away from the town its between the town the pier. The island will look like this.
Yes it is always infested with a ton of people when its fishing time. the best way to fish is stand still near a pole and put your pointer there and be ready to click fast. But a main thing to remember you have ti right click the Bait for the contest before you can fish with it.
Here are some of the things you can get from fishing

Halfbeaks (turn in to the roaming fisherman for EXP)
Stonebacks (sell)
Seven star eel (sell)
Cod (sell)
Zelo Salmon (sell)
Situ Crab (sell)
Tuna (turn in for silver metal or sell for 10g)
Moy (turn in for gold metal or sell for 20g)
blood flower (sell)
Fishing manuals (keep)
Sharing fish (sell)
Different types of materials (i don't know what they are for)
Wonder mediums (Npc option not in game yet)
Zeenu lobsterman (Not sure if thats the right name but sell 20g)
Bark (sell)
Sonic stone (makes an announcement and disapears)
Mystic Scroll (makes a fortune teller quest costs 30g)
Heavy Blow Ring (equipment Binds when equipted makes the recharge time on heavy blow shorter)
Scallop (open if you get doc's key, tender, gamleing device, or walking master book cancel the quest and sell the item) Fromt eh scallop you can also get fishing manuals, and pearls, In another section i will tell you what to do with the pearls.
I am sure there are more things you can fish up but I will keep it updated the more I find out. I hope this helps with fishing and I wsh you luck if your a lower level ten 45 and catch a certificate you can sell it btween 3-5gold.
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How to fish
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